The Next-Generation
OF Herbs Face

In DNA herbs we detected a nature


contains any custumized analysis

Essential Oils

from best quality



DNA Herb is
Nature Friendy

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    Organic Product

    All our products are organic and useful for a healthy life
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    Focus On Quality

    Focus on quality is our mission
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    ECO Friendly

    All products and production waste can be decomposed by nature

Hydroalcoholic Extract

Hydroglycolic extract

Hydraulic extract

About DNA Herb

We are the producer of all kinds of extracts and essential oils based on the advanced formulation of plants. Also we are the first largest sorting unit and medicinal plants unloading point. Purity and high quality are the characteristics of our products and all our efforts are to provide the products needed by our dear customers.

Rare Herb

Magic Herbal

And also we supply your magic herbs in DNA herb : Saffron, Asafoetida, …


Simple Guidelines 

All our products are based on specific customer orders.

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Yes, all our products are organic and natural.

Yes, we also produce the powdered extract

Yes, of course we will do it for you

In DNA Herb, we produce saffron crocin with the highest quality.


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    custom analysis for dear customer


    We are the biggest idea accelerator


    We help and support scientists to produce

    in DNA herb

    Herbal Identifying

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